Research and Development on Lentivectors for:


Dr Patrick SALMON @ Department of Neurosciences - Faculty of Medicine - University of Geneva

Lentiviral Vectors Lab @ UNIGE

Gene Therapy with Lentivectors Today

Lentiviral vectors are now used in several gene therapy clinical trials worldwide.

They have proven safe and efficient for the following diseases:

A recent review of Luigi Naldini describes the current research and use of vectors in general and lentivectors in particular in human gene and cell therapies (article).

On campuses where you have both the expertise and a vision, lentivectors are now used to treat human diseases such as X-Linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)

Lentivectors and producer cell lines are developed by scientists in the campus, and upscaling is optimized in collaboration with biotech companies.

CalImmune is developing a gene therapy approach very similar to ours to prevent HIV progression. They have a proprietary HIV1-based lentivector producer cell line (initially developed at St Jude by Throm et al.) and are now in Phase I/II.